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HARITSIL ™ Activated Silica is an innovative product in the service of Rubber Industry. HARITSONS have developed this activated silica with the support of a team of Rubber Technologists, Mineral Process Engineers, Chemical Engineers and other experts who continue to guide further development through research.

Its Triple Activation Process gives HARITSIL Activated Silica the required strength for it to be called as Semi-Reinforcing Filler. HARITSIL is activated by rubber friendly chemicals. The active chemicals start acting after the temperature attained during vulcanization.

HARITSIL is used in the manufacture of a wide range of rubber products such as:

  • Cycle Tyres
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Transmission Belts
  • Vee Belts
  • Rubber Rings and Washers
  • Oil Seals
  • Moulded Auto Parts and Mattings
  • EVA and Rubber Sheets
  • Rubber Footwear and allied products.

Grades Of Haritsil Activated Silica

HARITSIL Activated Silica is produced in a large range of activation, most suitable for a particular use. Given below are the grades and uses.


Grade Suitable for :
Haritsil 400B

Cycle Tread, Conveyor Belts, Auto Rubber Components, High Quality Matting, Moulded Components

Haritsil 400A

Cycle Tread, High Quality Conveyor Belts, Vee Belts

Haritsil 400

Footwear – EVA sole, Hawai Strap, Wellington (Gum) Boots.

Haritsil 350

Footwear, “ Hawai Chappals, Canvas shoe sole

Haritsil 300

General purpose use for low cost rubber products like mattings, rings, washers, etc.



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