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HARITSIL is a blend of silicas made suitable for use in the rubber industry by Activation and Surface Coating process.
HARITSIL is suitable and extensively used for all types of Rubber Goods such as:

  • Conveyor Belts
  • Vee Belts
  • Auto Components
  • Cycle Tyre Tread
  • Cycle Tyre Tube
  • Industrial Rollers
  • High Quality Matting
  • EPDM Moulded Parts
  • Rail Pads
  • Rubber Mountings
  • Footwear
  • EVA Hawai
  • Canvas Shoe Soles
  • Safety Shoes Rubber Sole
  • Sole Sheets
  • Washers and Rings
  • Hose Pipes
  • And many more....

HARITSIL is produced since 1993 and is serving the Rubber industry nation wide for a fine blend of economy and quality.
HARITSIL is produced by JAIPUR MAGMATICS P. LTD., which is a HARITSONS Group Company. For your information, some of the rubber formulations are given in this booklet..

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